Pros And Cons Of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Not long ago, your only real choices for heating a home were forced air, standard radiators, and electric baseboard heaters. Now, there's another choice to consider: radiant floor heating. In this style of heating system, hot water is circulated through skinny pipes that run under the floors in your home. The water heats the floors, and the heat subsequently dissipates throughout the rest of your home.  Many homeowners find this style of heating appealing, but before you agree to have it installed in your home, it's important to consider both the pros and the cons.

Four Critical Tips For Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance

Taking care of your heating and cooling is one of the most important aspects that every homeowner must embrace. This will not only ensure the comfort that you experience in your home, it will also protect your property and its overall value throughout the years. If you want to get the best out of your heating and cooling systems, you must exercise some points of advice that will help you masterfully take care of your HVAC equipment over the long haul.

Air Conditioner: Bigger Isn't Always Better When Reusing Furnace Air Handler Systems

When deciding to switch from a window air conditioner to a central air conditioning system, you can either decide to build out the air conditioner's air handling system from scratch or, if you are lucky enough to have an already-installed furnace in place, you can decide to use its air handling system. Using the existing air handling system is cheaper and less time consuming. It might also save your house from having to be ripped apart in a bid to create space for installation of new supply ducts and an entire blower assembly.

The 4 Main Types Of Air Conditioner Covers

Air conditioning covers are protective coverings that are placed over window air conditioning units for a variety of different purposes. Each type of cover comes with a distinctive set of advantages and disadvantages, and as such is suited for a different set of needs. Understanding what each of the four main types of air conditioner covers has to offer can help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

The Componentry Of A Modulating, Condensing Furnace

When you are looking at the outer panels of a furnace, each furnace looks a lot like all the others. All furnaces heat your home, right? So why should you buy a modulating, condensing furnace over a cheaper model? As a homeowner trying to live on a tight budget, it is all too easy to get hung up on initial costs. If you want to free up your budget, you need to understand what's going on underneath the panels of a condensing furnace, so you can appreciate why it is a better choice for your home.